Traveling with Pets

The warm summer weather is finally here and it’s the perfect time to travel with your family—including the furry ones. Taking your pets with you can add to the fun and reduce any worries about using a pet sitter or kennel. But travelling with your pooch requires a bit more preparation to keep everyone happy, healthy, and safe. Before you hit the road, check out our expert tips and ideas, and get ready for a great time.

Pre-Trip Planning

Make Sure Identification is Up to Date: Before you go, make sure your dog’s collar is in good shape with clear identification. This should include your dog’s name, your name, your home number, and proof of rabies vaccination. (For extra reassurance, you may want to consider a microchip.) It’s also a smart idea to pack a picture of your dog or ensure you have one handy on your phone—just in case you need to share it with others 

A Clean Bill of Health: If you’re going on an extended trip, consider bringing your dog for a check up beforehand. Make sure all his vaccinations are up to date, and bring their health records with you (health records are required for air travel). It’s also a good idea to research emergency vet services at your travel destination—if you found yourself in need of emergency care, this step could save precious time. 

Prepped & Packed 

Depending on the length of your trip, you’ll need to pack many (if not most) of these essentials:

  • Food, water, & treats. Bring extra to get you through the trip without having to buy a new brand on the road—which may cause stomach upset. Treats are especially helpful as rewards when navigating new and stressful situations.
  • Food & Water Bowls. Pro-tip: pop-up dishes can be helpful space savers on the road.
  • Carrier or Crate. When travelling by car, a crate can help keep your dog safe and secure. If travelling by plane, a crate is required—just make sure yours is up to airline requirements before your leave.
  • Dog bed, blankets & toys. The familiar smells of their dog bed and blankets will not only give them a comfy place to sleep, they’ll help ease anxiety associated with travel. The same goes for toys, which also help distract them, reduce stress and wear them out. 
  • Grooming and cleaning products. Travelling with dogs can get messy. Grooming brushes, dog shampoo (don’t use human shampoo on your pooch!), potty waste bags, pet-friendly cleaning products, and paper towels can all come in extremely handy.
  • Health records & ID. As mentioned above, these items are crucial.

Travel By Car

Even if your pup is a pro at car rides, longer trips need a little forethought. Here’s a few points to consider:

  • If your dog isn’t used to long trips, start with a few shorter rides ahead of your trip.
  • Have them travel on an empty stomach, which helps prevent car sickness, but be sure they have plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Stop frequently for potty breaks and leg stretches.
  • Never let your dog ride in the back of an open truck or stick his or head out the window, and never leave them in an unattended closed vehicle. All of these actions can be extremely hazardous, even fatal—and not worth the risk. 

Travel By Air

  • Airlines require a certification of health no more than 10 days before travel, and your dog should be at least 8 weeks old and weaned. 
  • Limit food before travel to prevent air sickness and accidents
  • If your dog is riding in cargo, make sure he or she has warm blankets in her crate to stay snuggled and reassured.
  • Make sure you make a reservation for your dog on your flight ahead of time, and check in with your airline for their specific requirements days before you leave for the airport so you have time to prepare. 

Pet Friendly Trip Ideas

Now that you’re prepared, here’s the fun part—choosing where to go! Here’s a list of pet-friendly resorts and destination ideas throughout New England so every family member can have a great time.

Inn by the Sea, Maine

One of the first pet-friendly resorts in Maine, the Inn by the Sea offers pet-friendly rooms equipped with water bowls and dog blankets—the perfect way to relax after exploring local trails and beaches

Paws On Pelham, Newport, RI

Located right in the historic district, Paws on Pelham is a dog-friendly inn within walking distance of downtown. Find a dog-friendly beach or take your pooch along the cliff walk for some great exercise and stunning views. 

Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, MA

For the more refined pooch, the Fairmont offers access to the bright lights of Boston to even your furry family members, making it a luxurious jumping off point for all the city has to offer.

Asbury Park, NJ

Dogs aren’t just accepted in Asbury Park, they are welcomed with many dog-friendly businesses, making it a good choice for a summer rental with your favorite furry friend.

Provincetown, MA

Like Asbury Park, much of P-Town is dog friendly, including many inns, rentals, and business establishments. Just take a walk up the main strip with your pooch and see for yourself!

Montauk, NY

Amazing beaches, crashing waves, and dog-friendly parks—Montauk can be loads of fun for every family member. From dog-friendly rentals and hotels, to beaches where they can run free, Montauk packs a lot of punch. 

Wherever you may roam, be sure to check the local rules before you bring your pooch. Hiking trails may require you to keep your dog on leash, and beaches may only be open to dogs in off-peak hours. Now get out there and have some fun!

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