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  • Training Tips for Your New Dog—Socializing With Other Dogs & People
    You’ve just brought home a new furry pal—congratulations! Whether you’ve got a puppy or an older dog, you may soon notice they’re lacking some much-needed canine social skills. Ideally, puppies are socialized in their first year, but if you’ve adopted an adolescent or older dog, hope isn’t lost. Dogs of any age can benefit from a little social training!
  • How to help an anxious dog feel calm
    Our pets have really gotten used to having their humans around this past year. Some fear that their pets will experience high levels of anxiety once we are back to our regular routines. Does your dog become anxious when left alone for a short time?
  • 10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy, Safe & Happy All Winter Long
    Baby, it’s cold outside! The chill of winter has finally hit CT, and just like us, your dogs are probably well aware—especially if they spend any time outdoors. And also like us, the harsh weather can adversely affect your furry family members if you’re not prepared for it.
  • Happy New Year – Welcome to Our New Blog
    Happy New Year! I hope 2021 is off to a good start for you and wish you all the best this year. 2020 was definitely challenging for us all. Welcome to the new blog from Dog Days! This space will be dedicated to providing you the best tips for pet care that I’ve picked up along the way not only as a pet owner but through my experience working with pets.

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